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Sunday, 11 May 2014



x Jo x

Friday, 9 May 2014

Melt In The Middle Meatballs & Our Bank Holiday Weekend - #MorrisonsMum

Armed with my Bank Holiday Slimming World Menu Plan, I headed off to the big Morrisons at Cribs Causeway. I could have gone to my more local one but as its a little on the small side I decided to treat myself & go a bit further so I could take a look at their home range etc.. That ended up backfiring on me, as I was so busy choosing what food to buy I ran out of time to have a good look at the extras!

On arriving at the store The first thing I noticed was lots of 'I'm Cheaper' banners & signs letting me know how much they had reduced over 1000, products by. Many of these are products that i would buy on a weekly basis & it brings Morrisons pricing more in-line with the budget supermarkets, whilst still offering the wide range & great service. I was impressed with their 3 for £1.50 veg & 3 for £10 meat deals. I did however find a couple of products I didn't buy as I know I can get them cheaper elsewhere; these were Pepsi Max & own brand fruit & fibre.

This was after I'd put away the chilled & frozen bits!

I bought lots of superfree foods to see me through the weeked & found some great new Highlights flavours! I also managed to buy everything I needed for my menu plan, except Warburtons Squarish Wraps, which I substituted for Warburtons Pitta Halves (only 75p).

On Saturday he boys had great fun decorating their own mini pizzas (50p each), they used veg & ham to make a face, adding some extra cheese on top. I made one for Daddy (smart price cheese & tom £1), and my own using a Warburtons Pitta (8 syns for both halfs + HEA of cheese on top). They were delicious!

On Sunday I made:

Melt In The Middle Meatballs - Slimming World Friendly


400g Extra Lean Minced Beef (3 for £10)
1 Medium Onion
2 Garlic Cloves
1 tbsp Dried Italian Herbs
1 Large Egg White
65g Of Reduced Fat Mozzarella (1/2 a ball)  cut in to cubes
200ml Passata
400g Chopped Tomatoes
3 tbsp Tomato Puree
1 tbsp Sweetener (Granulated)
1 Pepper
100g Mushrooms
2 Beef OXO cubes
1 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce


Blend or finely chop 1/2 of onion & 1 garlic clove. Add to a bowl with mince, 1 tsp herbs, & beaten egg white. Mix well, I find using my fingers works best & often use latex gloves when doing so. Form in to approximately 12-14 balls each one around a piece of mozzarella. They can be chilled at this stage if you would like to finish cooking them later. Spray a frying pan with frylight & seal 5-6 meatballs at a time on all sides.

For the sauce, chop the onion & garlic. Fry in a pan using frylight, once softened add, sliced mushrooms & pepper for another 2-3 mins. Add remaining ingredients, bring to the boil, & turn down to medium putting the meatballs on top of the sauce. Cook for around 10 minutes, then turn over & cook for a further 10 mins.

Serve with spaghetti or pasta.

This made enough for all 4 of us and cost £7.02p for the meal which works out at £1.75 each, bargain!Its great to prove that eating healthy/dieting doesn't have to cost the earth.

This went down well with everyone after we'd spent the afternoon at Ashton Court Miniature Railway, having lots of fun & fresh air!

On Monday we had a roast chicken (3 for £10), with lots of veg, including roast parsnips (daddy's favourites). All cooked using fry light so my only syns were for gravy & a Yorkshire pudding (Morrisons MSavers 2syns each).

 I also decided to treat myself & make a slimming world cheese cake for dessert, Its the first time I've tried a low syn option  (5.5 syns a slice) it was nice however I want 100% happy with the base so I will tweak it & try it again. Once happy I will share the recipe!

I've loved being a #MorrisonsMum & will be doing my shopping there more often. We had a lovely bank holiday weekend, with thanks to Brit Mums & Morrisons. I was given £80 of shopping vouchers so I could write this post however all opinions are my own.

x Jo x

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Friday, 2 May 2014

Bank Holiday Slimming World Menu Plan - #MorrisonsMum

Even though I'm at target with Slimming World I'm currently trying to loose the 6lb I put on over Easter! I find sticking to plan harder at the weekends, when everyone is home, so a Bank Holiday weekend is even worse.
I'm so excited to be chosen as a #MorrisonsMum this weekend. So while planning what I would buy, it occurred to me that the best way to stay on plan would be to make a full meal plan. I've planned dinners before (not as often as I should) but not every meal. So here is what I have come up with for the weekend, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for 3 days on Slimming Worlds extra easy plan.


B: Cooked breakfast, bacon (fat removed), WW sausages,  mushrooms, tomatoes, egg, beans, 1 piece toast (1 syn & 1/2 HEB)
L: Chicken Salad
D: Pizza- squarish wrap pizza for me, cheese & tomato for the boys & Daddy. Add extra toppings. (8 syns & HEA)
S: Alpen Light Bar (1/2 HEB) High Lights Hot Chocolate (2 syns) Muller Light & fruit.


B: Wholemeal toast with Marmite (HEB & 2 syns)
L: Bachelors pasta & sauce with extra veg.
D: Melt in the middle meatballs & spaghetti (HEA)
S: 10 x Malteasers (5 syns) Alpen Light Bar (3 syns) Muller Light & fruit.


B: Omlette - Pepper, tomato, onion & cheese (HEA)
L: Ham salad sandwich, with ex-light mayo (HEB & 1/2 syn)
D: Roast - Potatos, veg, 1 x yorkshire (frozen) & gravy. (2 syns)
P: Slimming World friendly cheesecake (4 syns at a guess)
S: High Lights Hot Chocolate (2 syns) & fruit.

That should leave me with a few extra syns if I need them! I will of course be buying some extras for the boys and Daddy. Check back after the weekend to find out how I got on as a #MorrisonsMum, and whether I stuck to plan....

x Jo x

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