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Monday, 29 July 2013

Animal Week At Messy Play

Well last week saw my 1st proper messy play session, with real paying customers who weren't friends or anything! I'm running sessions at my local hall for 5 weeks in the summer holidays initially. 
I was going to have a farm week & a zoo week but being limited to 5 themes, & having so many ideas I decided to combine them in to 1 week. 

Farm small world using porridge oats
Small world zoo with dry pasta, & sweet tin lid as sea.

Blue gloop frog pond, with craft foam lily pads.
Daniel (3) & his friends helping out on in the farm!
Joseph (4.5) really enjoyed the play dough with our animal cutters.
He also made this creation with the rollers!
Vegetable printing & hands & feet!
A bit of body art!
The finished master piece.
 Well the most popular animal around here at the moment is Gromit. So animal week wouldn't be complete without him & Shaun the sheep at the craft table.

My Gromit 'Patch'
My Shaun the sheep.

Joseph & Daniels Gromits

Joseph & Daniels Sheep

I'm looking forward to next weeks theme Artic!

x Jo x

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Silent Sunday

x Jo x

Friday, 26 July 2013

1st Theatre Trip

So we were lucky enough to win tickets to Dora The Explorer Live form a competition run by Mummy from the hart's blog. We didn't tell the boys until the night before & they were so excited, they love all the shows at Butlins so I knew they would love seeing Dora! It was a great 1st experience of the theatre, we saw the show at the Bristol Hippodrome.

 They both loved looking at the gold detailing & were amazed at how big it was. Next time Joseph (4.5) wants so sit up high & preferably in a box! They both were totally absorbed in the show & sat nicely & loved joining in with the songs & waiving their blue stars when required.

Where's Wallace - Bristol Marriott Royal

Poetry In Motion - Collage Green
 After the show we took the scenic route back to the car & took in a couple of Gromits! We would have seen a third but he has been moved for the weekend, during the Harbour Festival.

Fountain at college green
It was a lovely family afternoon & has given me the confidence to take them again (maybe on my own!) perhaps the Xmas panto.

x Jo x

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Ice in the water table

For some cooling sensory fun why not add some ice cubes to your water table this summer. Both boys enjoyed getting to cool down. When the ice started to melt I added some more Daniel (3) was very interested in how the new ice was bigger than the ice that had melted.

How are you keeping cool this summer?

x Jo x

Monday, 22 July 2013

Wildlife Jack (review)

We were asked to watch the taster episode of Wildlife Jack. Jack is a young boy who goes on an adventure through his wildlife book. I love how all the animals are British & so are the voices. It is a very engaging concept combining real filmed animals with a cartoon Jack to engage the young audience.
So both Joseph (4.5) & Daniel (3) sat up on my knee to watch the 5 minute episode, & they loved it. They hardly moved and only spoke to point out animals etc. As soon as it had finished they were wanting more.

The creators Ed & Abi are planning to make 5 more episodes to release on DVD (or download) but need funding to do so, if you love the taster & want to support them you can by the DVD in advance on Kick Starter.

We have not been paid in anyway to write this review & all opinions our our own.

x Jo x

Friday, 19 July 2013


It has always amazed me how similar yet different my boys are. Looking back at baby pic's even i find it hard to tell them apart, often relying on the outfit or background! As they have got older Joseph (4.5) has gone very tall  & Daniel (3) short for his age, so their 18 month age gap looks more like 2 1/2 years to look at them. Since Daniel joined the family, i have made these comparison pictures every few months, & more recently every year. 

My babies are growing up so fast, I can't believe Joseph starts school in September!
Do your children look the same or completely different??

x Jo x

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Rainbow Doggy!

 So I caved in and drove the boys all the way to Staple Hill on the other side of Bristol to see this beautiful Gromit called Roger. I have to say that he was worth driving to see & we did combine it with a visit to a city farm in that area as well so wasn't a complete waste of fuel!
Only thing is Daniel (3) keeps asking to go back & take is best friend Thomas with him!

x Jo x

P.S. There is still 2 days left to enter our Blackpool Tower Ticket competition, a perfect start to the summer holidays!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Suspension Bridge & More Gromits

To make the most of this lovely weather we have been having here in the UK, we decided to tick off one of our to do's which is a picnic on Clifton Downs. I haven't been since I
was a child on a school trip, which is terrible since i have been living in the area for over 10 years now!

As Daddy was busy at lunch time we packed the picnic for tea, to enjoy after some sight seeing in the afternoon. And we just happened to be in a good Gromit spotting area! We found the 2 up on Durdham Downs. These have got to be our favourite's so far, with the boys liking the extra legs on 'It's Krackin, Gromit' & I thought 'Blossom' was beautiful.

We then headed down to Clifton Suspension Bridge. This was the first chance the boys have had to walk across the bridge, It has some really amazing views of Bristol.

We then headed down Sion Hill, to find another 2 Gromits. Both Gromits have great views of the bridge.

Once we had finished Gromit hunting we grabbed the picnic from the car & went to find some shade, at the little park to the side of the bridge. It made a real change to have a picnic for tea & worked really well in this hot weather.

After tea the boys had a good run around the park which includes this really cool rock slide, Daddy was worried for their safety so they were limited to the smaller slide. However it cant be too dangerous else the health & safety people would have shut it down years ago!

It was a lovely afternoon out & all it cost was 50p to cross the bridge, as the boys wanted to drive that way back home!

x Jo x