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Friday, 5 July 2013

Messy Play...

I thought it was about time I got around to sharing the rest of the details from the group messy play session that I held. So as well as the paper plate turtle craft (click for more details) we had lots more fun...
Painting with cars on a big scale (the boys have done this at home before but on a smaller scale see here)
Joseph(4.5) enjoying painting with his friends.

Jelly frog pond green & blue jelly made with gelatin & food colouring, as blue jelly doesn't seam to exist!
This was a very popular station!

Dinosaur small world in an Argos paddling pool.

With play dough to make footprints. This was similar to our Dinoland we made a while back.

Coloured rice sensory box (apologies for the poor picture!)

Daniel (3) enjoying the rice with his friends.

In our other pool we had our button & cotton real threading. With all the other activities on offer this was more popular than I was expecting!
All the children enjoyed the hour, especially my boys, so over the summer holidays I have decided to hold more sessions for the public wish me luck!

x Jo x

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