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Friday, 19 July 2013


It has always amazed me how similar yet different my boys are. Looking back at baby pic's even i find it hard to tell them apart, often relying on the outfit or background! As they have got older Joseph (4.5) has gone very tall  & Daniel (3) short for his age, so their 18 month age gap looks more like 2 1/2 years to look at them. Since Daniel joined the family, i have made these comparison pictures every few months, & more recently every year. 

My babies are growing up so fast, I can't believe Joseph starts school in September!
Do your children look the same or completely different??

x Jo x


  1. i cannot see any similarity between my two boys although other people tell me sometimes things like "oooh dont they look alike" or "oh they are looking more and more like twins" !!! i just dont see it. when i look back at baby pics of them both i can sometimes see a little likeness but thats it.
    I can see some similaritites between your 2 gorgeous boys eg, in the first pic their noses and expressions are the same and they look most alike in the 5 months photos but not the same otherwise.
    thanks for linking up x x

    1. I think if Daniel was taller & Joseph shorter, with the small age gap they would be mistaken for twins!

  2. ooops i meant they look most alike in the 6 weeks and in the 5 months their nsoes are the same. sorry x

  3. Very cute photos, and they do look alike to me.

    Thank you for linking to #SocialPix

  4. How lovely to put those photos side by side. I've got one of each so they mostly look completely different, but every now and then a photo crops up where they look absolutely identical! Its just something in the facial expressions

  5. can really see what you mean. they are very similar!

  6. They definitely look very similar! You could easily spot they are brothers I'm sure and very cute brothers too x