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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Pasta Threading

We have a pair of really cute pet rats called Charlie & Lola (both girls) which the boys love to bits. I know rats aren't to every ones tastes however they have so much personality & intelligence its really hard not to fall for them! 
We decided to make some treats for the girls by threading pasta shapes (tubes & wheels) & some cheerios on to pipe cleaners. I threaded 1 cheerio on & then hooked the pipe cleaner around to stop it all falling off. 
 In the past the only threading we have done is with shoe laces, the boys found the pipe cleaners much easier to handle. Joseph (4) enjoyed this but wasn't interested in making a second one, but Daniel (2.5) couldn't get enough of it & ended up making 2. However I think we would have had a whole collection had lunch not been ready! 

Bad Mummy Moment - Yes the boys are in there PJ's at lunchtime (except Daniels trousers, as he'd had an accident) I'm sometimes lazy when know we are going out until the afternoon & want them to be tidy, i dress them after they have eaten!
When the boys had almost filled up there pipe cleaner I twisted it in to a circle. This then made them easy to hang up in the rat cage to nibble on.
Yes rats like to eat dried pasta, but they LOVE cheerios! I know cheerios aren't the best rat food it really is only a treat & they only had a few :-)

I have left all the pieces for this activity in the storage tubs & we will re-visit it soon & might even send some to some rescue rats for Christmas if we make enough :-)

My rats even have their own Facebook page & be sure to check out my Ratties Pintrest Board

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  1. Hello there! I just rescued a comment of yours from my spam box, thanks so much for visiting :) This pasta activity looks like lots of fun.