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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I don't like to start any Christmas activity's etc with the boys until the 1st of December, as if we start any earlier we are board of Christmas before it gets here! Having said that I like to get the majority of my present shopping done before December! So the boys wrote their letters to Santa a couple of weeks ago to give him time to make & wrap their presents :-)

We sent our letters to Royal Mail who provide a free reply service for Santa to use, unlike many company's charging over £5! Santa will also be sending the boys an e-mail video message via the Portable North Pole (also free) in the next few days which proved a big hit last year.
The boys advent gifts, inc Xmas t-shirts & PJ's.

In the last few years we have accumulated a whole box of "Xmas Kids Stuff" toys,  books, DVDs etc. After seeing several different advent ideas on Pintrest I decided rather than letting the boys loose with a whole box of books & toys at the beginning of December I would space it out and wrap 1 or 2 items for each day which they could take turns in opening after breakfast. As I sat down to wrap everything I realised that I would need to carefully plan what would be opened on each day as a book for bedtime would be more useful on a day that the boys were at nursery all day than a colouring book!


So the boys got to open the first present which was a chalk count down to Christmas sign, along with the standard chocolate advent calender. We started on our salt dough decorations which i will put in another post when they are done. After lunch we went to a local Christmas Market & party, where we got to watch a magic show, meet some owls, go on a bouncy castle & listen to Santa read a story. We managed to win a giant Rodolph & a large jar of sweets! A bit gutted we didn't win the mini ipad, but oh well...

On Sunday the boys opened the second advent present which was a book called Shhh! By Julie Sykes & a Christmas Carols For Children CD. They both enjoyed the book which we read again at bed time & they listened to the 1st couple of songs, but mummy wasn't allowed to sing! They lost some interest in the music after that but it made a nice background while they played with Rodolph!

Here are some links to some of the books & DVDs the boys will be receiving:

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