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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Nuts & Bolts

On our way home from pre-school we like to pop in to a charity shop or 2! Joseph found this fab Quercetti Techno set:

It has nuts & bolts, different types of screws, flat plates, different screw drivers & a spanner. Best of all it even came with the instruction book, with ideas of how to make several pattens, models & even some scales. I'm not always overly keen on toys with lots of little bits, however as this packs up inside its self it tends to stay quite tidy.

It offers great fine motor skill practise & also helps with shape matching e.g. choosing the right screwdriver. The boys enjoy it now but they need help if they want to make anything specific, so think that they will get lots more use from it when they are older and able to follow the instructions themselves.

x Jo x

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