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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Sprouting seeds

 While we were at Nanny's house the boys started some seeds sprouting. Nanny had done this before & thought it would be fun for the boys to watch their seeds growing. They used a mixed pack of sprouting seeds/beans from a health food shop, & chose which seeds they wanted to put in their jars. We then covered the jar using net from a new bath puff, but you can use muslin or similar & held it on with an elastic band. 

We soaked the seeds over night & drained them off in the morning. We put them in a warm place on their sides dark is not necessary but not in direct sun light.They then needed rinsing twice a day, lots of fun! 

We started to see shoots while we were still at Nanny's house & then packed them up & brought them home to grow some more. Within 5 days the seeds had filled the jars & were ready. We tried some raw & weren't impressed however our rats loved them! We will grow some again & might try them stir-fried with some soy sauce.

For more detailed sprouting info take a look at this site.

x Jo x

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