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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Zoo Small World - In a Cardboard Box

A couple of weeks ago our oven decided to break & keep tripping our electric. We ended up having McDonald's for tea that night & I started to panic about how i was going to cook the cakes & food for Joseph's party!
After a quote of at least £100 to fix it & with it being about 6-7 years old we opted to replace it. I can recommend for a very quick service ordering on the Saturday & having it delivered on the Sunday for only £9.99 extra! 
Anyway getting to the point... the oven came packed with a box top & bottom. One of which was got ripped when we opened it, but the other one was perfect. So I asked Daddy to keep it, que rolling of eyes & 'what do you wan that for'. He is of the opinion that my box & other junk collecting is getting out of hand! So  knew that I needed to use this one ASAP!

Daniel (3.5) & I decided that it would make a good Zoo, as we haven't had our animals out for a while now. Daniel decided that the water animals needed a pond in the middle & then we discussed what other animals would like to live together. I quickly drew the layout with a black permanent marker & used a green & blue to quickly colour it in. We then decided that it needed a entrance door so that people can visit. 

I've discovered that using a pumpkin carving knife like a saw works really well on cardboard & as ours isn't sharp I don't need to worry so much about doing it while the boys are around. It does however make more of a mess than scissors but is so much easier. 

Both boys have had lots of fun playing with this, though after being on the floor for a while its starting to get a bit battered. So it may well be in the recycle box this week, much to my husbands delight!

x Jo x


  1. This is such a COOL idea! I loved making things with boxes as a kid and I haven't yet tried it with my own Kiddies. This looks like it came out really great and like Daniel had a blast with it.

  2. I love this little cardbox world! Just goes to show simple things can lead to so much creativity and hours of fun. Visiting via 'mommymondayblog hop'

  3. I love this - my husband gets tired of me saving everything too! I found this post at the Kids co-op. I would love it if you shared a post at my new link-up:

  4. What a fun idea! Sometimes those simple ideas really help kids see new potential in their toys, don't they? I especially like the door/archway for the animals to crawl through!