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Saturday, 21 December 2013

GUEST POST - Another Nordic Thornton Christmas!

Kendra Thornton, mum of 3 (ages 3,5 & 7) from Chicago is joining us to share all about her Christmas...

Another Nordic Thornton Christmas!

The most magical time of the year is upon us again! There’s goodwill and cheer all about. Despite the windy, wintry chill and the snow swirling around, there’s warmth amongst everyone. From family to strangers, there’s a sense of genuineness and generosity that can warm the coldest heart. It’s the holiday season, folks! Now, this is a special time for my Norwegian family because we dive head-on into time-honored traditions of the delicious variety. It’s a feel-good, gourmet extravaganza — and here’s why.

Each year, we gather on Christmas Eve and indulge in tasty revelry by making kringla and lefse together. We also go ‘oyster shooting’, which is our goofy version of taking raw oyster shots until we collapse in fits of gut-busting laughter. Speaking of shots, we don’t let a holiday pass us by without the sweet burn of Akvavit running down our throats and warming up our bellies. is perfect way to send it off! Our Nordic version of “cheers”, we rumble ‘SKOL!’ before downing our Scandinavian nectar.

Now, when it’s time for kid-friendly activities, that’s where the true fun begins. My children adore ice-skating at this time of year. It truly is the perfect holiday activity. We also break out the Christmas tree and literally deck the halls. Making reindeer dust to help Santa’s helpers find their way to us is another tradition I’ll hold on to (as long as the kids will let me)! A little sprinkle here, another sprinkle there, and Rudolph knows exactly where to land! Whipping up a sumptuous Norwegian supper and baking cookies for Santa’s arrival just about round out the yuletide night. Before settling into a sugarplum filled, sweet sleep, we all wind down with a steaming rich cup of hot cocoa.

Despite whatever part of the world my job takes me to, it is pure heaven to come home for Christmas. I read an article on Gogobot’s blog about warm vs. cold Christmas and being with my family in Chicago surrounded by snow is priceless and I wouldn’t trade them for anything! Surrounded by their warmth and love while the gorgeous, pristine winter snow blankets the world in white, just highlights the comforts of our holiday home. Some people dig the heat during the Christmas season, but I’ll take the traditional arctic touch any day. Where would you rather be when the sleigh bells are ringing?

Look, we’re the Thornton’s. If it’s not cold, then it’s not Christmas time! As always, we await a large mass of relatives to descend on our humble home and gather at the family table. And you know what? We can’t wait! Whatever your holiday traditions, however you celebrate, may it be safe, festive and loving. We wish you a wonderful and bountiful yuletide. May greatness greet your household and bring holiday magic to your door!

If you would like to here more from Kendra you can follow her on twitter @KendraThornton

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