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Saturday, 24 November 2012


Well I've finally decided to create a blog. Mainly inspired by my love of Pintrest and the amazing blogs I have discovered through pins. I'm a busy mum of 2 boys Joseph (4) & Daniel (2.5), I can't say that only an 18 month age gap was one of my best ideas! But more recently things have got easier as they are able to enjoy the same activity & they are starting to communicate with each other.

When Joseph was a baby I started my own craft business - Le Baby Bakery. Making nappy cakes & baby gifts, which were received very well locally. Then after Daniel was born I discovered bandanna dribble bibs & after buying a few decided that I could make them my self. So having not sewn since school, I bought a sewing machine & soon discovered how much I enjoyed creating & sewing for the boys. It was a natural progression to start selling these bibs which then progressed to dresses, trousers, shorts & applique t-shirts.

So I'm hoping to blog about all sorts of things sewing, crafting, crafting with the boys & our day to day life. I hope that you enjoy my posts & my journey in to the world of blogging!

x Jo x

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