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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Top 5 Posts From 2013

The festive season seams to have flown by (apologies for my lack of posts) and then end of 2013, my first full year of blogging is coming to an end. Its bean a great & busy year, with Daniel turning 3 in May, Joseph starting school in September & then His 5th birthday in November.
Its taken me quite a while to adjust to Joseph being in school, the School runs have taken their tole, with all of us enjoying having a break. And also fitting in crafts & activity's, after school or on ever busy weekends, with both boys being tired nearly all the time.

And so to the 5 most popular posts from the year:

5. Daniels 3rd Birthday - Racing Car Party 

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Daniel loved his party & so did you, with this post (and the other posts relating to it) receiving lots of comments & pin's on pintrest. He is still asking for another racing car party now, although I think I will be taking a break from big parties in 2014 & encouraging days out!

4. Cardboard Box Storage 

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This was a post from January, when I made some under stairs storage out of nappy boxes. Its still going strong, although the cupboard is not quite as tidy now! When I wrote this post i was planning lots of other home/organising posts & so far this is my only one! I do have a couple of others in the pipe line & we are considering a loft conversion in the new year....

3. Top 20 Halloween Messy Play & Craft Ideas..

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Lots of great Halloween ideas, we had lots of fun with these.

2. 20+ Pre-School Christmas Crafts 

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Quite a recent post but very popular & worth pinning for next year. We got chance to do a few but will try tackling a few more next year.

1. Top 20 Halloween Party Food Ideas

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This was by far my most popular post & I was so lucky to get to use many of the ideas for Josephs Birthday party (which I will round up nearer next Halloween). It's definitely one worth pinning for Halloween 2014.

Looking forward to 2014, I'm sure its going to be just as busy but hopefully we will all be able to adjust & adapt to our new schedules, well that is until Daniel also starts school in September. For the blog, I fear it will also need to adjust & adapt, as the boys get older. I do have more competitions and lots more posts lined up for the new year though.

I hope you and your families had a good Christmas & that 2014 is a good year for you.

x Jo x

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  1. They all look wonderful ideas - I hope 2014 is equally productive :)

  2. you have been busy and very creative! the racing car party would appeal to my OH I think and that nappy box storage solution is very clever and i cannot believe it is still going strong!
    thank you for linking up and happy new year x x

  3. You look like you have been busy. Great ideas :)

  4. Some great posts there. The inside of my craft cupboard is organised by nappy boxes lol.