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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Easter Bunny Grass Cup

I'm busy getting ready for another couple of group messy play sessions I'm holding this Easter holidays. One of the crafts we will be making is these cute Bunny Cups that are great on their own but even better with grass hair!

Daniel (3.5) helped me make this test/example bunny, if you'd like to make one too here are the instructions.

1) Cut out ears & insides. Glue insides on to ears & then tape on the inside of your cup.

2) 3/4 fill cup with soil, then sprinkle on approximately a table spoon of grass seeds (could also use cress). Cover with a little more soil.

3) Now decorate the rest of your cup, glue on eyes & a cotton ball tail.

4) For the whiskers twist 3 pipe cleaners together, glue to cup & then add a button or pom-pom nose.

5) Draw on a mouth if you'd like, using a felt pen or permanent marker.

6) Water a little every 2-3 days, and you should start to see shoots after about a week.

We used paper party cups from Tesco, however you could paint plain paper cup, our use a plastic cup or even a pot.

Our grass 2.5 weeks later.

To see what Easter fun we had last year take a look at this post: E is for Easter...

x Jo x

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