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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Trip to Devon

After Easter I took the boys down to visit my Mum in North Devon. The boys love their Nanny and her house. They enjoy finding lots of little treasures (fossils, clocks, harmonicas etc.) & also watching the wild birds that visit her garden. Nanny even has a tame black bird that likes to eat cheese, its really nice for the boys as we cant feed the birds because we have cats, one of which is an avid hunter!

We were quite lucky with the weather it was dry but very cold in the wind! My Mum has lived there since I was 3, so I love to get the opportunity to take the boys places that I loved a a child. We went to a local park & had our first Hockings ice cream of the year. Hocking's is the best ice cream in the world & you must try one if you are ever in North Devon.

We visited The Milky Way, which has changed a lot since I was young, mainly the lack of cows now, but as it was such a cold day we were glad that most of the activity's were indoors. While we were outside we even saw a little bit of snow, in APRIL!

On the warmest day we visited Croyde park. After we had eaten our picnic the boys found a big pile of sticks & started to build a den with Nanny. Although since Joseph is convinced that it was in fact a climbing frame that they built. The boys had great fun & were building using the sticks & dry grass for over half an hour.

Now we are back home we are getting back to our letter of the week, so will be looking at the letter F.

x Jo x


  1. Great photos & love the den/climbing frame!

  2. I can see why they enjoy visiting Nanny in Devon, lovely photos of the kids enjoying the outdoors.

    1. Thank you for joining me on Country Kids too. The linky is live every Saturday to Thursday for all outdoor adventures.