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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

G is for...

Firstly apologies for the delay in my letter of the week, series of posts, what with birthdays, holidays & days out we have been so busy! To start off the Letter G, we went on a Nature Walk searching for Green things, more details here.

We made Green jelly & also had a chocolate fondue with Green Grapes
which I will post about soon.

Both boys have been spending lots of time in the Garden, Daniel (3) is loving playing football (in his unique way) with the new Goal he got for his birthday.

Joseph made some elastic band Guitars, details here.

At a toddler group we drew around a flat wooden giraffe, then coloured him in, we also printed off a couple of colouring sheets & used our dot markers (ELC easy painters) to 'paint' them.

Whilst at Legoland (post to follow) we spotted this amazing Giraffe, which had a moving head!

We have also been Growing & Gardening:

Celery stalk & Carrot Top
Joseph re-homing some snails, from my pots to a nearby hedge.

Planting some sunflower seeds (lets hope they do better than last year!)

x Jo x


  1. Brilliant, what a great way to learn! Especially love your photos of leaves.

  2. Love how you've kept to the same letter well done.

    Thank you for linking to #SocialPix