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Monday, 20 May 2013

Swans, Tadpoles & A Picnic

 On Fridays the boys go to pre-school just for the morning. Normally I pick them up & we go home for lunch. As the weather was looking good I thought we would take advantage & go for a picnic. 
I quickly packed a lunch before going to pick them up, I only had 15 mins so no time for anything fancy!
Ham sandwiches, seafood sticks, grapes, cucumber & a packet of wotsits for the boys to share. I'm having to be very good at the moment & stick to my Slimming World plan 100% after gaining 3.5lbs at Butlins (post to follow about our holiday).

Daniel was obviously tired after pre-school...
We went to a local nature reserve, the boys probably would have chosen one of our parks however I find the play equipment soon distracts them from their food! Even though the sun was shining on us, the wind was chilly, hence the coats.
After we had finished our lunch, we went over to feed the 'ducks'. There weren't any ducks today but a slightly over friendly swan came over to eat our bread. I think I saw the other one sat on a nest in the reads. Then along came a family of coots, daddy, mummy & 4 fluffy babies. Both Joseph (4.5) & Daniel (3) loved the babies & thought the were 'very coot'.

Next we went along the 'bridge', which is more of a raised walkway over some boggy grass/pond area. This area is perfect for frogs, so we went looking for some tadpoles.

 We saw a few here & there & it wasn't until the very end that we found a whole cloud (thanks goggle) of them. They were right at the edge which gave the boys a good view. I did get asked the question 'can we take one home?' so we might think about getting some frog spawn next year...

x Jo x

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  1. Beautiful photos, I wish we had the weather for a picnic.

    Thank you for linking to #SocialPix