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Monday, 2 December 2013

Hiding The Presents

Xmas 2011

As the boys are getting older (5 & 3.5) I'm now having to start thinking more about hiding places for Christmas presents. I always seam to have boxes around with one thing or another in, waiting to be sorted, sold or put in the loft etc so I have in the past got away with presents in sealed boxes, but I'm guessing that won't be good enough soon so this year I have hidden them at the back of my wardrobe, behind the clothes. This is where I also keep my 'gift' bag which is full of Birthday gifts for friends, as I can never find good value items when we need them. Neither of the boys are allowed in our wardrobe, mainly because it has big sliding mirror doors & I have always been worried that for some reason the doors might come off the runners & land or smash on to them. Although a 2.5 year old Joseph did convince my Mum to open it once & they came downstairs with a brand new jigsaw from my present stash! I also keep Josephs favourite soft toy 'Ellie' the elephant's twin in there in the pillowcase that its washed & dried inside!

Xmas 2012

When I was younger I didn't find many of my Mums hiding places, but have since discovered that as well as the traditional on top of the wardrobe she also removed the bottom draw & kept smaller presents in the base. I do remember that presents were kept under the tree well before Christmas & I do remember carefully unwrapping a corner of one just to check that they had got what I'd asked for!

I'm definitely going to have to up my game in the coming years! Where do you hid yours?

x Jo x

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  1. My mum use to put presents under the tree leading upto Christmas... and I still never twigged that there were from her haha :)