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Friday, 28 March 2014

Beach Fun, Driftwood & A Dinosaur Small World.

While Nanny was up staying with us we decided to check out another small local beach. I really love that on a small quite beach like this Joseph(5) and Daniel (3.5) are now old enough to explore a bit on their own.  We had lots of fun finding sea glass, interesting rocks and driftwood. There was still quite a bit of water draining off the land so there were a few streams under the rocks. Daniel found one that went between some larger rocks that he was using to sail some driftwood.

We ended up bringing home lots of our treasure! We decided to use the driftwood and rocks to make a small world for our dinosaur's. As it was still nice we set it up outside on the bench. The dinosaurs (and the boys) had lots of fun out in the spring sunshine.

x Jo x

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