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Monday, 24 March 2014

Lego Junior - Review

The boys were thrilled when they found out that they had been selected to be Lego Junior product testers. When I say the boys I mean all 3 of them... Joseph (5), Daniel (3.5), & Daddy! We were sent the Police Station set (10675) to test out. It has an age range of 4-7, which is a little lower than most standard Lego sets, as its been designed to be easier to build.

Both boys have a firm love of 'little' Lego as its know in our house. Joseph started to play with it when he was around 4 however with a very inquisitive 2 year old Daniel around it wasn't very often he got to play with it. I was very worried that Daniel would try & put some of the tiny pieces in his mouth, however I soon realised that Daniel had grown out of that phase that even Joseph now at 5 hasn't!!! So Daniel was allowed to join in before he was 3 (only when supervised) he couldn't really build with it but loved to play with anything Daddy & I had built & the mini figures were a hit!  We also had lots of fun last year with our Lego Wash.

I have been encouraging Joseph to build Lego himself using the instructions, as mummy gets a little tired of re-building several times a day! He is now able to build most small kits that come free with the papers, only sometimes asking for help. One of the main problems he has when he tries to build a bigger kit like our Police Helicopter is that the instructions don't always point out exactly which pieces are added at each stage, so he sometimes misses them & gets frustrated. I must admit I have had this problem too, so was really impressed that the Lego Juniors instructions gave a clear indication on each page which & how many of each part were being added. It also had extra arrows to make it clear where pieces went.

The other feature they have included to make these kits easier is that the parts are separated in to 3 numbered bags. This means that their are less parts to search through for each stage of the build. I found this great as each bag can be built in different sittings or divided between children. I would have liked the instruction book divided in to 3 as well, because Daniel had to wait for Joseph to finish with it until he could start his bag. They have also made some of the parts that would be several pieces in a standard set one bigger piece, to speed up the building process.

So we started out with Joseph building bag 1, which contained the mini figures, the car & motorbike. I love that these were first as if you build in stages then these can be played with on their own. We always put all our parts in to a takeaway container, so we don't loose any & we can add a lid if we need to pack it away. Joseph was able to build these on his own using the instructions. He did ask for my help clicking a couple of pieces together & also missed a page at one point... Daniel then got to work on bag 2, this was the main part of the police station. He started off well (with some help from me), however about 1/2 way through he became distracted by Joseph playing with the car & motorbike that he ended up giving it to Joseph to finish off. Joseph & Daddy then built bag 3 together after tea, this was the jail & several other accessories that finished the kit off.

Lego is great for developing fine motor skills, with little hands working on picking up & clicking together small pieces. The boys also got chance to practise reading their numbers & counting out the required pieces.

The boys raced downstairs this morning to play with their new Lego set, they really love the details like the money that fits in the robbers bag & the bone to feed the dog. They have managed to play with it together well because there are 2 vehicles to avoid squabbles. The are also proud that they built it them selves.

Lego Juniors is great for children who love Lego but are too young to have the patience & skills to build the standard kits, whilst still being compatible with standard Lego, so isn't babyish & will grow with them. They also make Lego Junior for girls in pink packaging, with 'proper' mini-figs, instead of Lego friends ones.

As the sets are smaller as well its more reasonably priced at around £25 for the kit we were sent.
In order to write this review, we were sent our Lego kit free of charge, however all views & opinions are our own.

x Jo x

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