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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow Day

Where we live in the UK (near Bristol) we are lucky if we even see a dusting of snow each year! I only remember having enough to go sledging 2 or 3 times in my childhood.We had a couple of inches a couple of years a go, but we were unable to enjoy it properly as Daniel was a baby.

Well yesterday lots of the UK saw snow & we had approx 6 inches!!! This is the most snow I have ever seen, so the boys stayed home from pre-school & Daddy decided to close our shop for the day & stay home with us. 

We live at the bottom of a steep hill that doesn't get gritted, so luckily the snow was forecast & Daddy parked his car at the top of the hill, as it meant that we could drive about a mile away to get to a safe place for sledging. Even though we live on a hill we don't really have a good area that is safe enough. So I ran around the house gathering hats, gloves, waterproof suits & wellies, It took us the best part of an hour to gather all our things & get dressed!

Daniel (2.5) really didn't seam that keen on the snow, he found it hard to walk in & didn't really enjoy sledging on our knee, it does sometimes take him time to come around to new things. Joseph (4) loved it, enjoyed the sledging, was running & jumping, making snow angels & crawling round in it. Unfortunately the crawling meant that his wellies ended up full of snow, so his feet were wet & cold on the way home.

When we got home we had some lovely hot chocolate, & the boys were so tired they took a nap before lunch ( this is unheard of, especially Joseph).

After lunch we went out again to play in our back garden & make a snowman. Daniel enjoyed this much more especially our snow covered slide.

After tea we had our first ever movie night. We watched UP & had popcorn & chocolates left over from Christmas. Usually when we watch a film at home they will loose interest after 30 mins or so. But labelling it as 'Movie Night' with treats & turning the lights off seamed to work. I'm sure that telling them that as it was bedtime if they didn't sit nicely that they could go straight to bed also helped. We hoe to make this a bit of a tradition & have a movie night every month or so.

We had a lovely family day that I will remember for years to come...

x Jo x

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