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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow Panting

When pinning several snow ideas on Pintrest I didn't think we would get enough snow to try any of them out! So as we did all of the usual snow activity's on day one of our snow, I thought we would try something new when it stuck around for a second day! 

I used one plant spray bottle & one empty (non-toxic) cleaning spray bottle. The plant sprayer was best as it had an adjustable spray.I added approximately a teaspoon of food colouring to each spray bottle. I only had blue, red or yellow food colouring in after using up all of our green in the Christmas bath. I went with the blue & red as the yellow would have looked a bit like wee, but it could have been better than the red as it looked like we had killed something! Goodness knows what our neighbours will think we have been up to!

Both boys really enjoyed the spray painting as it gave them something to 'do' in the snow. Its the first time they have used spray bottles (bad mummy) Daniel (2.5) has quite small hands so struggled at first but got the hang of it. We discovered that if you spray far away from the snow you get a lighter colour over a large area, but if you go up close you get a dark colour over a smaller area.

They took turns with the colours & they sprayed lots of snow making pictures & trying to change the colour of the plants. We even made a small snow man & sprayed on eyes, mouth, buttons & hair.

I even managed to take this picture while the boys were playing, they would only come in when the spray had run out.

Please be careful when using food colouring, we didn't have any permanent staining however the boys did end up with pink fingers through their gloves!

x Jo x