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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Spring is finally here...

The boys were thrilled to see that the Daffodils that we planted in the Autumn were finally in flower. They have been checking them for months & they have been on the point of flower for the last couple of weeks, & finally opened at the weekend when the weather warmed up a little :-) 

Loving Joseph's sunglasses & wellies combo!

I thought I would also share a picture of my orchid (with some shop daff's), this is the first Orchid that I have kept happy long enough to flower again!

Now the weather is getting a little better we are looking forward to spending lots more time outside & will hopefully be sharing some fun ideas soon.

Happy Spring

x Jo x


  1. Our daffodils have just bloomed as well, it' taken so long for them to come and we normally have them for St. David's Day.

  2. It is lovely to FINALLY see some proper signs of spring isn't it!

  3. I love seeing all the daff's and our tulips have just come out

  4. We've been waiting for what seems like ages for our daffs to open too and they've only just done it. Everything is so behind this year!