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Monday, 22 July 2013

Wildlife Jack (review)

We were asked to watch the taster episode of Wildlife Jack. Jack is a young boy who goes on an adventure through his wildlife book. I love how all the animals are British & so are the voices. It is a very engaging concept combining real filmed animals with a cartoon Jack to engage the young audience.
So both Joseph (4.5) & Daniel (3) sat up on my knee to watch the 5 minute episode, & they loved it. They hardly moved and only spoke to point out animals etc. As soon as it had finished they were wanting more.

The creators Ed & Abi are planning to make 5 more episodes to release on DVD (or download) but need funding to do so, if you love the taster & want to support them you can by the DVD in advance on Kick Starter.

We have not been paid in anyway to write this review & all opinions our our own.

x Jo x

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