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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Daniels 3rd Birthday - Racing Car Party

Daniel requested months ago that he would like a racing car party, he loves Rory The Racing Car & Disney Cars. He also loves just playing with cars in general.
I found lots of great ideas on Pintrest for Daniels birthday party & wish that I could have used them all, however as well as wanting to spend a fortune, time was also limited. So in the end we made:
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We were very lucky that we were able to set up in the hall the night before. So after getting the boys to bed & making sandwiches with help from my husband & mum, I set to work on creating the masking tape road. I made sure that all the tables & chairs were in place then went as big as I could. The zebra crossing  went down well, with kids using it to cross. I think the dashed line in the middle really adds to the effect, however when it came to packing up time my husband really wished I hadn't gone to the effort!

We were able to use the toys belonging to the toddler group at the hall, so used all of their ride-ons & cars, with a couple of ours as well. We also borrowed their car play mats & garage, to set up a quieter corner.
Colouring station (later turned in to the eating table)
The boys stayed at our house with Nanny while I was setting up & were so excited & surprised when they came in! I think they would have been happy with the party had it just been them!

When Daniels friends arrived they all joined in. For the most part they all played on the road, with a few breaking off to colour or play with the garage. We had to tear them away to play pass the parcel.

We had a morning party 11-1 so the boys wouldn't be too tired, but it also meant that by 12 everyone was ready for the food. After eating the kids all went back to the cars & I got our bubble maker out for the last 5 minutes (only because i had packed it, not because they were bored).
Daniel & his best friend enjoying the food
I cheated & bought the cake from Asda

I think home time came around too soon for everyone, especially Joseph & Daniel. Tho the party bags did help to soften the blow.

I enjoyed Daniels party, only having 12 kids helped keep it quite calm & having a theme made planing easier. I also really liked that it was early in the day meaning we had the whole afternoon to enjoy & leftover party food for tea!

Now to start planning Joseph's 5th birthday, he has requested a Halloween party...

x Jo x

P.s. I'm happy to answer any questions, please leave a comment & I will get back to you ASAP


  1. Happy 3rd birthday Daniel. What a really great party idea.

  2. looks a fab party, I bet all the kids loved it

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  4. Oh my goodness my boys would LOVE this idea! What a great party! Pinning this for a future bday! Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Oooh brave you! I always go so over the top with parties and regret it, and make resolutions for next year, only to forget them and do it all again!

    1. Thanks, it was really worth the effort, the boys & their friends are still talking about it now! Joseph's 5th birthday party is now in the pipeline (5th nov) he wants a halloween party! I've been doing lots of pinning...

  6. this is such a clever idea for a birthday party and as i mentioned on your round up post my OH would LOVE it x