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Monday, 13 May 2013

Car Shaped Biscuits

So to go with the traffic light jelly, I made these yummy car shaped biscuits. As I cheated & bought a Lightning McQueen cake from asda, I felt something home made was required! I bought the cookie cutter from e-bay a while ago, it came from china so was really cheap but did take a while to arrive. I was originally hoping to use the cutter for sandwiches at the party, like the ones I made for the boys letter C lunch, however it would have been to waste full as I could only get 1 car from each slice of bread.

Having never made biscuits from scratch before, I made a couple of test batches to make sure they would turn out ok. Firstly I used this sugar cookie recipe, even though I let it chill in the fridge the mix didn't firm up. I either made a mistake when measuring or my American measuring cups that I found on e-bay ain't very accurate. The mix was so soft it as impossible to transfer a cut shape, so in the end I just used my fingers to make round biscuits. These actually tasted amazing, the boys couldn't get enough of them, so I will defiantly make them again.

Then I tried this no egg sugar cookie recipe. As its a UK blog I was more confidant about getting the measurements right. I was a bit worried at first as the mix was very firm & crumbly however after some kneading it formed a ball It was so firm after the recommended 30mins chilling time, I had to let it get back to room temp before I could roll it out. With plenty of flour (from my new flour shaker, its the little things!) the car shapes were easy to cut & transfer to a baking sheet. These biscuits also tasted amazing & the boys loved them even more due to the shape. They were very pleased to find them in their pre-school lunch box.

So this was the recipe I baked a couple of days before the party. I decorated them the next day half dipping them in melted chocolate & using chocolate buttons & smarties to make the wheels. I saved the greaseproof paper from baking them to put them on whilst the chocolate was setting (a few minutes in the fridge). I needed quite a bit of chocolate so that it was deep enough to dip the biscuits in. I had enough left over to make 8 chocolate cheerio cakes!

x Jo x

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