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Friday, 31 May 2013

CD Stickers & We Love Weekends Blog Hop

 When Nanny came up for Daniels Birthday she had brought some stickers for the boys. Normally we tend to either use stickers for a specific project or I have a stash that I forget to give out as rewards! So when faced with a whole sheet each, they didn't really want to put them on their t-shirts. Joseph (4.5) wanted to stick them on the walls & Daniel (3) wanted to stick them on toys! So amidst the chaos of greeting & settling in my mum, I had a rummage in my 'to keep to make something with one day' box & found these old CDs. 

We've used CDs for crafts before & the boys have been wary as I'm always telling them to be careful with CDs & DVDs, so I stressed the point that these were old ones that Daddy didn't need any more. The boys were happy to use the shiny CDs as a base for their creativity & I breathed a sigh of relief that my walls were safe! Peeling stickers from a sheet is a great fine motor activity, Joseph finds this quite easy but depending on the type of sticker Daniel can struggle. Once finished I added some ribbon so that they became decorations. They are now hung on the boys wardrobe doors & are a useful place to keep stickers that are coming off of t-shirts at the end of the day, which saves me having to sneak them in the bin!


We Love Weekends Blog Hop

What To Do With The Children Has asked me to co-host her weekly blog hop again. 
Its a place for other bloggers to link up with ideas of all kinds and information they think you might find useful or just for a good read. Anything goes on We love weekends, so if you are a blogger please feel free to link up a post & grab the button if you'd like. And if your a follower, crafter, or reader please take a look at all the wonderful ideas being linked up. Bloggers love comments so if you like a post a comment is always appreciated. If your not a blogger but would like to share your fun ideas or what you are up to this weekend, please leave a comment on this post.

Why not take a look back at last weeks blog hop to see some of the great ideas that were linked. My favourite was these Summer Sun Catchers from JB Mum Of One.

x Jo x

What to do with the children
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