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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Traffic Light Jelly

After seeing traffic light jelly on pintrest, I knew it would be perfect for Daniel's party. I found these clear plastic ups at Stax, as lots of places I tried only had white in a small size, so i snapped these up when I saw them! My Mum wasn't convinced that I would have any success in layering my jelly & I was a little worried after several trifle fails in the past. So here are my top tips for layering jelly:
  • Make Jelly slightly stronger than normal (approx 7/8ths of a pint)
  • Let it set for at least 3 hours before adding another flavour
  • Let the Jelly get to room temp before pouring it on to a set layer

    Joseph enjoying his jelly
I made this jelly the day before the party & was really pleased with the effect. If I was to make these again I would add a little green food colouring  to the lime jelly as the green was a bit pale. Also while looking for the original idea on pintrestto give credit (which i cant find!) I saw that someone used custard for the middle layer!
It went down well at the party, but the boys were pleased that there was a couple left over for them to enjoy at home. I will be posting more details from Daniels 3rd Birthday party soon.

x Jo x

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