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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Dinosaur Week @ Messy Play

This was the week that Daniel (3) and lots of the other kids had been looking forward to. On the craft table we decorated card T-Rex's & Diplodocus' using natural things inc lentils, pasta & egg shell. Some of which had been left over from our paper plate turtle craft. Daniel was a little upset when I hadn't made a Triceratops as this is his favourite dinosaur!

One of our pools was filled with spaghetti that I had dyed green & red using food colouring & some oil so it didn't stick together. We used our rakes & spaghetti spoon in this pool & had lots of fun, its a very strange texture, almost like worms!

Joseph (4.5) with spaghetti hair!

In our other pool we had it set up much like in our 1st messy play session, making our dinosaurs a small world with card squares, plastic mountains & trees.

In one of our sensory box's we had some more of our coloured rice, with various scoops & tubes. Rice is always popular & usually ends up everywhere!

For the other box I froze some of our smaller dinosaurs in water (with food colouring) in silicone cupcake cases, along with regular ice. It took quite a while for the dinosaurs to melt out of the ice so we added some warm water towards the end of the session to help melt them.

We used green paper on the floor for painting, with some dinosaurs (and kids) to make footprints!
The finished work of art
We also had some play dough out to make dinosaur footprints in.

Lots of great messy creative fun, everyone is looking forward to the next weeks theme - Tea Party!

x Jo x

P.s. we are still working on our letters of the week however the letter J is turning in to the letter of the summer, even tho the boys aren't at pre-school we are out so much we haven't had much time :-)


  1. What fantastic ideas and I love your dinosaur picture.

    I'm a big fan of dinosaurs and have pinned this post to my dinosaur board.

    1. Thanks, Dinosaurs are a big part of this house!