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Monday, 26 August 2013

Mighty Lights - Review

The nice people at Walkers sent us some new crisps to try head of the new school year. 
These Mighty Lights come in three flavours, lightly salted, roast chicken & cheese and onion.
  • 30% less fat*
  • No artificial colours or preservatives
  • No MSG
  • Made from real potatoes
  • A source of fibre
  • Suitable for vegetarians

When the arrived we decided to give them a taste test. I put some of each flavour in a bowl for the boys to taste & guess which flavour they were. They both guessed right except for lightly salted which was guessed as 'crisp' flavour! When asked which was their favourite Joseph(4.5) decided straight away that it was the roast chicken, with Daniel(3) torn between the other two & eventually choosing cheese & onion. 

So they had the remaining crisps with their lunch that day. I was very naughty & decided to test some roast chicken mighty lights in a crisp sandwich, it was lush!

They contain 30% less fat than standard crisps & are therefore lower in calories, coming in at 114 kcal per 25g bag. I've mentioned before that I have lost weight following the slimming world plan & now I'm at target I have relaxed a little (ok a lot) but I still like to know the syn value of things so I know how naughty I'm being! These Mighty Lights come it at 5.5 syns, which is higher than baked crisps/snacks, but lower than standard crisps or other ridged crisps. They also taste (and crunch) as good as other ridged crisps.

Daddy has tried the lightly salted flavour & has confirmed them to be 'real crisps' (not those diet things) but would have loved a salt & vinegar flavour. I also had to test some of the lightly salted flavour with my favourite low syn salsa dip (1/2 syn per tablespoon) the ridges worked really well with the dip as did the flavour. I also like that the small bag stops me eating to much & putting the salsa away for another day!

Being lower in fat & calories Mighty Lights are the perfect treat for kids' lunchboxes. I still can't believe that its less than 2 weeks until Joseph starts school and I'm going to be back making lunch boxes, where has this summer gone? At lest with these & the Walkers Hoops & Crosses I'm sorted in the crisp department!

  All the flavours are suitable for vegetarians, and are available in shops nationwide. They come with a suggested selling price of £1.59 per 6 bag multi-pack, however as I write they are on offer in Tesco & Asda at £1 a pack.
For more info take a look at the website

x Jo x

* 30% less fat than standard potato crisps on average

Disclosure: This was a sponsored post however all opinions are my own. 

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