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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Penguin Craft

Joseph (4) & Daniels (3.5) example penguins.

At this weeks group messy play session the theme is arctic, so I really wanted to make a cute penguin craft & searched pintrest for inspiration & settled on the idea of a loo roll penguin. Only thing is loo rolls aren't that hygienic (we use them at home but didn't want to expect others to) & I didn't have enough kitchen roll tubes to cut in 1/2. 
Also they would need painting black, again something you can do a home but not great when the kids are only there for an hour. So I ended up recycling some thick black card that I had (old a4 folder dividers), cut them in 1/3 rolled & stapled.

Craft table.
 I then used orange, white & black paper to make the beak, feet, wings & front, 
for the kids to stick on along with googly eyes.

Joseph's alien penguin he made at group!

I will add a post about the rest of our arctic fun soon!

x Jo x

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