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Friday, 9 August 2013

My (Big) Babies Hair Cut...

Well I knew the day was coming, that Joseph (4.5) would say 'Mummy I want my hair cut short like Daddy's'. Just not quite so soon! On (long over due) hair cut day, Joseph decided that he didn't want the snippers (scissors) he wanted it all clipped like Daddy. Yes I cut both the boys & Daddies hair partly due to cost, partly because it's easier. So here it is his new hair do....

It has taken me quite a few days to be able to look at him properly. He has had longish hair for nearly 3 years, mainly cos i put off cutting it for as long as possible, then couldn't bare to cut it real short! He looks both older & younger all at the same time as he now looks more like his baby pictures. It's defiantly more practical, dries quicker & no more bed head! It will be much easier when he starts school next month.

Age 11 months, aww so cute!
x Jo x


  1. don't you find it amazing how much a hair cut can change their whole face and instantly makes them look older? i cannot believe it is the same boy in the photos!
    thank you for linking up x x

  2. I know crazy isn't it, still gives me a shock in the morning!