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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Autumn Walks & Using Our Finds

I don't know what it is about autumn but we always seam to take lots of walks in the woods & park. I guess we are just making the most of the weather until it gets too cold & wet. On a recent walk in our local woods we found the most amazing climbing tree, it had lots of low branches to climb. It was so good even daddy had a go!
So over the past couple of weeks we have been collecting lots of treasures on our walks we have found acorns, hazel nuts, conkers & pine cones. So while Joseph was at school Daniel (3) helped me sort out some conkers we collected. 

I hadn't realised that there were different types but we collected from 2 different trees, the 1st tree had one conker in each 'case' & the 2nd was a very spiky case which has 3 conkers in each. I'm not sure why but most of these triplet conkers were underdeveloped but we were lucky enough to find a few good ones. Daniel remarked on how the cases were soft on the inside & sharp on the outside, I then asked what the conker felt like & we agreed on smooth but hard. To continue the learning I added the letters A, C & H to a piece of paper and the name of our treasures. I read these out & helped Daniel identify which was which.

After I drew out a letter A on the back of the paper, I then asked Daniel to make the letter out of our acorn collection. This had worked well with sweets on our letters of the week J & H. He found this a little tricky as they roll around, but managed in the end & then decided to add all the acorns!
I'm not always sure what to do with all the treasures they collect its really ice now they are older to let them play & learn with them, only 12 months ago I would have been worried about Daniel eating them!

x Jo x


  1. Learning through play - fab! Such a great idea for spelling out the letters, very creative. What fun climbing trees with Daddy, I'm sure they loved that. Thanks for linking up and sharing your autumnal fun with Country Kids.

  2. Such a great idea I think my boy would really enjoy this too! I'm impressed you found hazelnuts - were they an easy find?

    1. I think we were just lucky, the woods we were in had several trees...

  3. I love how you used the nature materials for extra learning! My daughter must be the only preschooler in the world who doesn't collect leaves or acorns or twigs on a walk. It's usually me stopping to collect something! lol

  4. Such a lovely idea - off to share it on my page.

  5. Fantastic ideas. My Little Man is more into throwing things around than collecting them at the moment but this might change soon. Looks like your little guy had a great time xx