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Friday, 21 December 2012

Saltdough Decorations

We decided to have another go at some salt dough after we first tried it for some Halloween bat decorations. So I bought some Christmas cookie cutters, as our current ones we use for play dough were a bit small. We made Christmas Trees, Snowmen & Gingerbread Men. We used this recipe from The Imagination Tree, but I have also got this microwave recipe pinned for future use.
 When making our bat decorations we found that salt dough sticks more than play dough, so we rolled out on banking paper to make it easier to lift the shapes off (lots of flour also helps). Before baking i used a drinking straw to make holes at the top of each one.

Then we painted them, we started off using some new glitter paints I'd bought but they were a bit transparent so I ended up adding some of our usual water based paint to the glitter paint, which worked quite well. As with most craft activity's Joseph (4) lost interest after a couple, but Daniel (2.5) would have sat there painting for ages, he is also a lot cleaner & more careful!

 The tree with the cut out in the centre wasn't very strong as the 2 that we made both broke :-(
I placed them on plastic to dry as previous crafts have been ruined by bits of newspaper stuck to them! We let them dry for an hour or so then painted the backs. 

The next day we added sequins & other bits we found, and also eyes for the snowmen & gingerbread man.  I then threaded ribbon through the top so that they can be hung up. I used a permanent marker to write on the back of some to use as teacher gifts & for the grandparents.

x Jo x

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