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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Tube Slide

I had a spare cardboard wrapping paper tube to hand (yes I have been wrapping already) & was wondering what it could be used for that wouldn't become a sward or hitting device! With 2 boys this is often the case, even though I have so far avoided buying anything sward or gun related, Joseph (4) has made a gun out of Duplo & started pointing it & shouting "kill kill kill"

Anyway... Daniel (2.5) is a fan of making slides from things either for himself or toys. He even quite often will stand his spoon against his breakfast bowl & say "made slide mummy". 
So I made him a slide for his toys by cutting up each side of a wrapping paper tube, then stapled them together to make it a double slide. I then attached it onto a table with some sticky tape - don't do this on your best table!

We found some figures (Duplo but others would work just as well), bob the builder & a fireman had lots of fun on the slide. I did try suggesting to Daniel that some small cars could use the slide but apparently it was a silly idea!
Daniel played with this for nearly 30 mins & then re-visited on and off throughout the afternoon, until Joseph came back from pre-school pulled it off & started to use it as a sward!

If you fancy making a ball run with your wrapping paper tubes take a look here a happy wanderer & if you cant resist making a sward take a look here ikat bag.
x Jo x