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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Fun Bath

After being inspired by the Christmas week over on Bath Activities For Kids, I decided to have ago at our first fun bath. I bought a large (a3) sheet of green craft foam from a local stationary shop  & then used some other bits I already had. I managed to cut both trees from the large sheet. I also had some plastic silver spots that I picked up from the Children's Scrapstore a while ago, its a great charity that provides a wide selection of items to groups that can be recycled to use for crafting & occasionally offer outreach programs to the public.


 I found the cute Christmas ducks 4 for £1 in a charity shop.

I also used green food colouring in the water, this is the effect a whole bottle had! I wish I had chosen the red as at least that wouldn't have looked like wee! As other bloggers have reported it didn't stain the kids, the bath or the tiles, however our clear bath mats are now a funny shade of pale green! Please use food colouring with caution.

I set the bath up for the boys Daddy was supposed to be distracting them downstairs but that didn't last long! By the time I had finished they were so excited & were banging on the door to see. 

 They had lots of fun in the bath, decorating the trees, the presents, seeing if it would stick to them.

Using a tree as a surf board for a duck!
This as the final display, including a robot :-) It was a huge success I expect we will repeat it several times in the lead up to Christmas & will be trying out some other bath ideas in the new year.

x Jo x

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