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Friday, 1 March 2013

B is for.....

Butterfly, Button, Bread, Banana, Builder, Bowl, Beads, Baby & lots lots more!

We started out our letter B focus with our Button decorated Butterflys & then had lots of fun with our Builder & Water Bead small world box.

We had a nice selection of work sheets to  use however Joseph (4) lost interest after he did the baby do-a-dot sheet from a great Baby Pre-School Pack, We also used work sheets from the pre-school printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler. For lots more printables & ideas check out my Work Sheets Pintrest board.
 Here is the banana bread that we made, we had lots of mix that wouldn't fit in my silicone loaf tin so we made some mini ones as well, which were great for the boys lunch box's. I used this Nigela recipe which is fab as it has a button to convert from UK to US measurements. I still haven't got my head around US cup measurements so I'm on the look out for a set of measuring cups so I can try out all the fab recipes I have pinned.

Joseph & I went to a local pet fancy rat show at the weekend (we didn't show our girls, but will at the next one). They had a colouring & a model rat competition for the kids. This was the first time that Joseph had used plasticine, he did find it hard to use at first, however soon got the hang of it. I helped a lot with making his model rat but the colour choice was all his! He decided to call his rat Bertie so we made a letter B for his plate.

Why not check out our letter A activity's.

x Jo x

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