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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Dropper Art

We did this activity at a local toddler group, so I didn't take many pictures so as not to put pictures of other kids on the net. But the boys both loved this so much that I just had to post about it. It also fits in with our letter of the week - D.
 We used ready mixed paint that had been watered down by about 1/3 & large droppers (or pipettes), I have some small ones at home but I'm on the look out for these larger ones. On to A4 coloured card (that had been pre-folded in half) the boys used the droppers to drip, dribble & squirt the paint on to their card. Once finished we re-folded the card then opened it out to see the finished effect.

I really love these & think they look a but like butterflies, it would work well on card pre-cut in to a butterfly shape.

x Jo x

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