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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Snow In March - Fun Bath

 I can't believe that spring is just around the corner & we are busy preparing for Easter & we have SNOW! Snow in March is practically unheard of in the UK (especially the south) its almost as crazy as our BBQ & paddling pool in October a couple of years ago.
The boys were disappointed that we didn't get enough snow to go sledging or build a snowman this time. So we decided to have a snowman fun bath instead. 
I made some basic snowmen using craft foam & stuck on some eyes. Joseph (4) decided that the carrot noeses were party hats & soon after made a sun using the arms as sun rays. I didn't get many pictures as the boys were splashing lots & I fired for my camera! 
They both really love fun baths & they ask for them all the time. Its a great way to let them be creative & makes a real change from regular bath toys.

x Jo x

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