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Friday, 7 June 2013

Blackpool Tower

When we herd about Tots 100's competition to win a family holiday to Blackpool, I was really excited as I've never been but always wanted to. So I explained to the boys that we needed to make a tower so we had a look at some pictures of Blackpool tower on goggle & this was our favourite. The boys really liked the colours. So we decided to make our tower using box's & then paint it to make it colourful.

As it was a nice day we took the painting outside, as it was a bit breezy we had to separate the tower in 2 so that it wouldn't blow over. This worked well as the boys had 1/2 a tower each.

Painting the tower proved a useful lesson in colour mixing, I don't know why but the ice cream tubs seamed to encourage this. It started out that Joseph mixed the blue with the yellow to make green, then after a little while I asked if they wanted to use some red, this then got mixed with the blue & made purple. After some time we ended up with all dark gray! Daniel was a little upset that all his nice colours had gone!

Once Joseph had finished Daniel started multi-tasking to get the job done!

 Once dry I dug out some fairy lights as a surprise for the boys! As it couldn't be Blackpool tower without lights! Yes we took it in the bathroom as its an internal room so is dark with the door closed.

I also took a little video of the lights, & the boys made up a song about the tower. Please excuse my baby brain (yes i still have it) for filming the wrong way around. And yes the tower does fall over at the end, if you ever need anything tall building like towers or road signs don't ask me!

x Jo x