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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Paper Plate Turtle Craft

We recently held a group messy play session at a local hall for some friends & this was the craft I set up, I will be writing another post soon with all the other details. 
Above is my turtle, he is made using 1/2 a yellow paper plate, green card, a wiggly eye. He is decorated using green lentils & green egg shell. 

Once I had washed dried & crushed the egg shell I put it in to a zip lock bag with a little surgical spirit (rubbing alcohol) and green food colouring.
Our green food colouring isn't very strong (from lidls) so even with quite a bit the shell was only yellow so I added a bit of blue & it was a much better colour. Once it had dried out it gave a lovely 2 tone natural effect.

Here are the boys making their turtles, Joseph (4.5) even made a second one with 2 heads!

Everyone enjoyed making turtles & we had lots of variations, we have lots of green egg shell & lentils left over so expect to see them used in another craft in the future!

x Jo x

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  1. Those are very sweet turtles. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Stopping by from the Pin Me Linky Party over at Diana Rambles. I am one of the cohosts this week. Just wanted to thank you for posting. This is super cute! Love the idea.

    <3 Jenna @

  3. so cute, featuring you today on the kids co-op

    1. Thanks so much, always makes my day to be featured :-)

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