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Monday, 10 June 2013

H is for...

 We haven't done as much work on the letter H as we have other letters as we have just been so busy out & about enjoying this lovely weather. I quickly made these sheets for the boys to put their Haribo sweets on in the shape of a h. I also pointed out the H on the sweet packet. They really enjoyed this especially that they got to eat them once done! I will use this idea again for other letters.

I collected & cut out several house pictures (house insurance leaflets from supermarkets were a good place to look). The boys then used a glue stick to make a collage, i then wrote on one so we could add it to our letter wall, as we didn't do any printed sheets this week. It was really nice that we could work outside for these activity's.

During the week Joseph (4.5) pointed out that H is also for helicopter, I was really impressed with this as out of all the H words I hadn't mentioned this one, he had picked it up from the helicopter pads on our car mats & garage.

I also made this House lunch for the boys as part of the Hoops & Crosses competition.

x Jo x