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Thursday, 6 June 2013



We took the boys to Legoland a couple of weeks ago, as they have been asking all winter & we promised we would take them when the weather was nicer (plus they close for winter). So we saved up our Tesco vouchers & swapped them for some Legoland tickets, this made it affordable for us otherwise it wouldn't have been. Its about a 2 hour drive away for us,if it was closer an annual pass would be great!  

They were so excited to see so many Lego creations  & it was great to be able to touch & even sit on some! As a family our favourite ride was Atlantis where you get to go in a submarine & see real fish, the boys really enjoyed the discovery centre on the way out especially getting to hold a sea urchin

We were also really lucky that the Duplo Valley splash park had just been opened, the boys really loved it however were ready to come out after 5 minutes as it was so cold that day! They did however love the Duplo playground which had super squashy astro-turf (would love it in our garden) my only complaint was that a couple of the play structures didn't have a very easy way for smaller kids to get down & could have done with a slide or steps.

The Boys had the best day ever, we were very glad we took the pushchair though as there is a lot of walking & quite a bit up hill! As we went on a cloudy term time Wednesday it was quite quite which meant little or no queue's , so got to go on all of the rides we wanted except for one which was closed as it wasn't busy enough to open it! We stuck to the rides with a 90cm (or less) height restriction. We will definitely be going back but maybe next year now as there will be lots of other rides Daniel can go on when he reaches 100cm tall.

x Jo x


  1. Wow, the wet area looks great fun!

  2. It was, i'm gonna make sure that the next time we go back its warm enough for them to really enjoy it.