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Thursday, 20 June 2013

#KidsGrowWild Challenge

We are taking part in the MoneySupermarket #KidsGrowWild challange & we were sent this fab little gardening kit to help us on our way. As soon as the kit arrived both boys were super excited, Joseph (4.5) was desperate to plant the seeds & Daniel (3) was happy that we now had a second pair of kids gloves (even though they are too big).

Unfortunately the arrival of the kit coincided with the arrival of rain & wind! It was a good week before we had chance to get out in to the garden. So in the meantime we tested out our tools with a coloured rice sensory box. 

Its hard work this digging!
When we did get out in the garden, it was still cold &windy so we had to wear jumpers. We decided to sow some of our seeds in one of our beds that only had a peony in it. The boys used their tools to dig the ground & add some compost. We decided to sow the mixed flowers & pansies, it was interesting to see how different all the seeds were. Joseph remarked that some were 'curly' some were 'small & black' and some were 'like a brush'.

After we put the seeds in we used our watering cans to water them in. As the paddling pool needed emptying we re-cycled the water. Once the seeds had been thoroughly drenched they moved across to the other bed which contains our prolific mint plant.

We then went in to the front garden to check on our pots & the sunflower seeds we planted about 3 weeks ago. The boys had planted 2 seeds each, however only 3 grew

We are just deciding whether to move them in to a larger pot in the front garden or to put them in the garden like we did last year. Last years sunflowers were destroyed when the wind blew our BBQ on top of them.

Last years efforts, aww look at baby Daniel!
This post is an entry for BritMums' #KidsGrowWild Challenge & we were given the kids gardening kit however all opinions are my own.

x Jo x

P.s. I will update you on our gardens progress later in the year...